Monday, June 1, 2015

June Mortgage Update- We Met Our Goal!!

I set a goal of how much I thought we could pay off of our mortgage based on what we paid off last year. During this time, I started staying home, so my income dropped off the radar. I didn't know that we could me the goal, but one month early, we met our goal!

Now to see how much extra we can pay off next month to see how far above our goal we can get!

Breakdown of Extra Money
  • $2- Pattern Sales on Craftsy 
  • $7.91- Ebates- I love making money by shopping online!
  • $36- Babysitting
  • $45- selling on facebook
  • $18- selling on ebay
  • $10.50- change
  • $35.37- selling on amazon


Since our update in May, we have been able to pay $687 from our principle. Giving us a total of $6,172 for our year so far. One more month to see how much more than 6 grand we can pay off!! 

I love watching people's debt free screams. Motivation for me for sure! 


  1. Yay for meeting your goal!! :) That's wonderful! And you're doing a great job of finding ways to make money from home. Very inspiring, Lydia.

    1. I feel like it is a slow journey, Sandra! I guess it could be a lot slower though if we weren't pushing ourselves!

  2. Glad to see you made your goal. I find your numbers very impressive since you are a SAHM! I sent another batch of cds and dvds to decluttr this weekend-- I think you first recommended them to me. It's not much but it's something and so much less stress than shipping to individual buyers for an extra dollar or so.

    1. You know, that is what I liked about decluttr. The ease! I could box them up and let them take care of the rest. Time is worth something as well!


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