Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cozy Up With a Good Book

Deadly Echoes was a rare read for me. I could not put it down. I actually had to stay up to read the book. Ok, we are talking about staying up until 10!

I love when an author can throw suspense at you and truly keep you enthralled. Nancy was able to do just that. I was on the edge of my seat fighting for Sarah's life.

I also had never really thought about how hard it would be to raise a child whose mother had been killed. All the emotions and challenges that go along with that struggle. Good to put myself in those shoes, even if it isn't true, I can imagine the struggles are there.

Thanks to Bethany House for a copy of Deadly Echoes in exchange for an honest review.

 Only God Can Make a Kitten is a very cute book about lots of different things that God made. I love the pictures in the book and the story line of the book. They end the book by saying that the child is the most important thing that God made.

The one thing that I wish would change about this book is that a father would show up at some point. The book seems like they were exploring for a whole day and end up at home when it is dark outside. Just wish at that point that they would have stuck the dad in the book. I know not all families are that way and I don't think it takes away from the book.

 I am excited that this book is one that will be added to my bookshelf for many years.
Thanks to BookLook Bloggers for a copy of Only God Can Make a Kitten.

This Is What You Just Put in Your Mouth?: From Eggnog to Beef Jerky, the Surprising Secrets is a good coffee table read. There are several different products that all the ingredients are listed out that are in them.

The book is split up into 2 parts, things that you eat and then things that you don't eat.

Some of the ingredients and then what they are confuse me. Maybe this confusion is a sign that I should not be consuming them!

One example give is I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. One of the ingredients that is listed is poisonous at the cellular level. Not believed to be carcinogenic though. With this knowledge, makes me want to eat the stuff.

Thanks to Blogging for Books for a copy of This Is What You Just Put in Your Mouth?: From Eggnog to Beef Jerky, the Surprising Secrets.

March Mortgage Update

Breakdown of Extra Money

We weren't able to put anything over our normal payment on this month. We bought a van that we had to pay for repairs and we bought a new tub for our bathroom. Hence, extra money was all used! 


Since our update in February, we have been able to pay $225 from our principle. Giving us a total of $4,522 for our year so far. $1,478 to go before next July in order to hit our goal of 6 grand this year. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Cozy Up With a Good Book

We have been having bitterly cold temperatures which has just made me want to curl up on the couch with a good book and read.

Beyond All Dreams has provided me with that good time of reading. Elizabeth Camden once again brought me into the historical time period and made me enjoy the learning. History is not my thing. When she talked about the secretary of the nave, Thomas Jefferson, I was like I know who that is. Oh my!

This book dealt a lot with forgiveness. I like when I am challenged by a book to look at different areas of my life.

I also love that this book has a different spin simply because of the time period. A woman working for the Library of Congress and the man a Congressman during the late 1800's. Yes, of course you can predict they got married, but getting there was good!

Thanks to Bethany House for a copy of Beyond All Dreams for an honest review.

The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden is a book that I will add for reference. They talk about what you can plant and how you can plant the plants in order to get the most from a small space.

I am now excited to get thinking about what all I want to plant in my garden this year. Good thing we have hit the high of 7 degrees for the day, gives me some time to plan still!

Blogging for Books provided me with a copy of The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The First Easter Ever {Book Review}


I was excited to get The First Easter Ever in the mail yesterday. I told my husband that I am loving getting to build up a library and not pay for the books.

Esther and I read this book last night and enjoyed getting to read about the first Easter. The story was Biblical until I got to one point. I was reading and said that is not right. My husband wasn't paying attention, but that made him listen! Instead of an earthquake happening and the soldiers falling down when Jesus was in the tomb, an angel came from heaven and the soldiers ran. Guess this will be a good teachable moment to let little ones know that the Bible is the ultimate authority and that what books say is not always 100% accurate.

I did really like the pictures in this book and the story line. Just wish that one little aspect was changed.

Thanks to BookLook Bloggers for a copy of The First Easter Ever.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Esther is 7 months

Weight: 16 pounds

Sleep: You have your momma a run for her money for about a week and a half. You were waking up about every 40 minutes and crying. I would put your binkie back in and you would go right back to sleep. Thankfully for now, this phase has passed. 

You go to sleep like a champ. You know what your bedtime routine is and you go down without a problem! We always pray before you go to bed. Usually I open my eyes and you are smiling. I think you find it silly to have a head over you with closed eyes talking. Obe of these days you will understand! 

Social: You have really started to babble. You love to talk and to have people talk back to you in your language.

You went through a major attachment phase this month. We started to think that you were not going to be ok without mommy or daddy in your sight. You seem to be doing a little better with going to others, at least part of the time!

Likes: You like to be around other little kids and watching them play.

Anything that you have goes right in your mouth. Still no teeth, though.

Dislikes: Still don't like tummy time and really have no desire to move.

You don't like to be hungry. Usually hunger is what brings on the most tears!

Firsts & Milestones: You have done a lot of big girl things this month.

You started foods. So far you have had rice cereal, green beans, avocados, butternut squash, and a few bites of banana. You are not 100% sure what to do, and still like to stick that tongue of yours out when eating.

You also moved to your crib in your own room. I was a little nervous how you would do, but you did great! 

Sitting. You are starting to do better at sitting independently. Still can't want away, but you will sit for a little while all by yourself. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Five More Weeks of Winter....Then Easter!


Bunny's First Spring is a book that I am excited about putting on the bookshelf and pulling out several times over the next few years to read lots.

A new bunny is born and discovers lots of new things during Spring. I can only watch as my little one discovers lots of things. I fell like she is kinda like the bunny. As time goes on, Fall comes and the little bunny wonders what is happening.

The story line and pictures in this book are great.

Thanks to BookLook Bloggers for allowing me to review Bunny's First Spring.

Easter Stories and Prayers is a collection of four books in one. The pictures are cute and the story line simple and cute. I love that most pages have Bible verses that you can look up for the truths that are presented.

I think that this book would be great for that little one who is beginning to question things about God. There are a lot of truths that are brought up and explained. Great springboard for many discussions.

I was provided a copy of Easter Stories and Prayers from Tyndale for an honest review.


Remote: Office Not Required was an interesting read about how offices can allow people to work remotely. They authors said that in a few years, offices won't even exist any more.

One thing presented in the book of why managers don't want their workers to work remotely is because they don't trust them to make good use of their time. They said that if they can't trust their employees, then why are they even their employees.

Thanks to Blogging for Books for a copy of Remote: Office Not Required.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Mortgage Update

Breakdown of Extra Money

Since our update in January, we have been able to pay $354 from our principle. Giving us a total of $4,297 for our year so far. $1,703 to go before next July in order to hit our goal of 6 grand this year. 

This last month was a little slower for us on what we were able to pay off, but we are still getting there. We were able to mark off another 1k on our visual chart!!

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