Monday, December 15, 2014

A Few Fun Reads

I really liked the fact that The Sweetest Story Bible for Toddlers is a board book. I can easily give the book to Esther without worrying that the pages will be torn out of the book.I also like that the stories in this book aren't the same stories that are in every other story book. We got to read the story of Esther for the first time together.

Thanks to BookLook Bloggers for a copy of The Sweetest Story Bible for Toddlers.


I really like that the patterns in Gramma Nancy's Animal Hats (and Booties, Too!) came from Nancy making hats for babies who were born to the sailors on her son-in-law's boat. All the animals in the book are super cute. I love that she does little gloves and booties for the animals as well.

Not a huge fan of the fact that parts of the animals are hot glued on the face, but I think that this could be adapted to being sewn on the face. I do love that they are 3-d.

Thanks to Blogging for Books for Gramma Nancy's Animal Hats (and Booties, Too!).

Monday, December 8, 2014

Esther is 5 Months

Weight: Between 14 and 15 pounds

Sleep: You have gone through this phase of thinking that cat naps are the only way to go. 40 minute naps make for a tired momma. The past few days you have been doing better at length, so hoping we have crossed a bridge.

You do great at night. A few nights, you have slept from 8 to 4:30. 

Social: You love to talk and have us put our hand over your mouth to change the sound. This was your new thing that intrigued you this month.

Likes: You have become very observant. You will watch anything and everything. 

You like being upright.

You like to fly through the air.

Laughing at yourself in the mirror. Best. Laugh. Ever.

Dislikes: You don't like being put down for a nap. 

Firsts & Milestones: You rolled from your belly to back one time for daddy. Mommy only saw the results and then you would not roll again. Still haven't rolled again for mommy!

You discovered that your keys are a good toy. You like to make a lot of noise with them.

 It feels like forever since this post, but you can check out her growth from 4 months.

Goals: Week of December 8th

Part of me likes putting more goals online. The transparency of putting my goals out there gives me a little more motivation to keep going. 

My husband was so helpful in taking care of our daughter while I plugged away at getting a calendar made. Really it just took time, so it was nice to be able to focus on getting the task done.  

Last Week's Goals

1. Make Esther a hat- I made her one and it is too big. Gonna try again this week!

2. Host a Book Fair

3. Make Esther's Photo Recognition Book- still need a few pics

4. Get pictures for calendar- I even ordered the calendar!

5. Finish reading To Everything a Seasonyou can see my review here 

6. Post about burp rags- posted finally!

7. Organize Freezer

8. Decorate

9. Take family pics

10. Read about selling on amazon- Read about half of this blog. Want to finish reading this week.

This Week's Goals

1. Make Esther a hat

2. Make Esther's Photo Recognition Book

3. Finish Christmas shopping

4. Make Christmas tree topper

5. Cut Moby Wraps

6. Go through and move gift tub

7. Clean out my sewing drawers

8. Watch a free redbox movie with my husband

9. Move my china cupboard from Grandma's house

10. Read about selling on amazon

Hope you all have a great week!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Free Redbox Code

FREE Redbox movie rental

Through December 14th, use code 2WM22W3R to get a free DVD at Redbox. 

Thanks, MoneySavingMom!

To Everything a Season {Book Review}

I have been reading To Everything a Season for way too long!

This book took me a little bit to get into. The story line was good. I enjoyed the book, but I felt like there were too many characters. The book focused on two separate towns and a few people in each. For me, I had a hard time relating to any characters because there were so many.

The story of the book of a small town hospital who decided to get nurses in to train was good.

Thanks to Bethany House for the opportunity to review To Everything a Season.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Upcycled T-shirt Burp Rags

I am pretty sure that having a baby can break the bank, but I also know that you don't have to let this happen. I made some upcycled t-shirt burp rags for Miss E, and I liked how well they turned out. 

What I liked about them was they were free to me! They also are thin so they didn't stay soaked forever. They are also absorbent. 


Old t-shirt
Sewing machine or needle if you do these by hand.


Cut out your t-shirt. I don't want to give you an exact size because the size will depend on your shirt. If you see in my picture, you can get an idea of where I cut. Cut through both layers.

Here is another shirt that I decided to do a little different due to the design.

Pin together and sew. I didn't worry about trying to put mine right sides together to flip. I just sewed around all four sides. I used 1/2 seam allowance, but you can vary the seam allowance. 

You could choose to do this by hand if you don't have a sewing machine.

You are done! Pretty simple right. Here are the two burp rags all ready for some spit up action!

I would love if you would pin this project!

Monday, December 1, 2014

December Mortgage Update

Breakdown of Extra Money

I know you are probably thinking, you are missing some money somewhere. This money is just over and above our normal payment. 

  • Change $10.50
  • Ebates $8.29- pays to shop online!


Since our update in November, we have been able to pay off $492 from our principle. Giving us a total of $3,303 for our 2nd year so far. $2,697 to go before next July in order to hit our goal of 6 grand this year. This month was a little slower on the pay off. Part of me has this secret goal to pay off way more than that. That just means, that I need to proactive in making extra money!
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