Friday, December 14, 2018

Cozy Up With Some Good Books

Unwrapping the Names of Jesus is a very nice looking book. This book would make a nice gift to others.

This book falls into the category of a good quick devotional, but not something in depth. I did enjoy reading through the book and thought it was good to think about the names of God.

Thanks to Moody for a copy of this book.

A Layman Looks at the Lord's Prayer intrigued me as being a really good book. I had a hard time getting into it though. My mind right now is having a hard time focusing on depth. So, not saying that this book is lacking, I am just not at a phase of life where I want to sit and read and have to really try.

Thanks to Moody for a copy of this book.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Cozy Up With Some Good Books

Longing for Motherhood was a good read for me. I know I can't relate to moms who can't be mothers, but I can learn to try to empathize with them better. This book helped me to see a little into their mindset.

I also think that several of the principles of this book would be helpful during any difficult time. I really liked that she encouraged friends to weep with those who weep. Sometimes, it isn't helpful to just be told that everything will be ok. Sometimes, we need someone to be sad with us.

Thanks to Moody for a copy of this book.

Secret Keeper Girl: The Power of Modesty for Tweens is a great resource for modesty for girls. Both my toddlers enjoyed flipping through the book and seeing the pictures in the book. Hopefully, they will like the book just as much in the next few years.

I like that this book has more of a magazine feel to it than a book feel. I think that this would help the tween to actually pick up the book and read the book. Such a needed topic for young girls.

Thanks to Moody for a copy of this book.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

More Than Meets The Eye {Book Review}

More Than Meets The Eye is about three orphans who no wanted wanted to adopt. They escaped from the orphan train, created their own family, and lived a scrappy life in order to survive.

I love taking a look at what could happen when there is just a will to survive. Wrong does not win, but kindness does.

Thanks to Bethany House for a chance to review this book.

Monday, June 18, 2018

100 Bible Stories for Children {Book Review}

The pictures in 100 Bible Stories for Children are beautiful. The pictures are a realistic pencil drawing. 

This book is recommended for 5-8 years old and I would agree with that age group. My almost 4 year old is maybe a little young for this book. There is a long passage for picture in this book. That being said, the stories aren't that long, which would be great for a child who was a little older. 

While reading though, the stories seemed to be Biblical in their telling. 

We will be reading through this soon for our bedtime routine. Looking forward to enjoy this book for many years.

Thanks to Tyndale for a copy of this book. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Cozy Up With Some Good Books

I read the first book in this series a while ago, and didn't make note of Rachel Dylan's name. I am glad that I got this book to review, because I love Rachel as an author.

Rachel does a great job of adding suspense, mystery, and romance together. I was able to predict what was going to happen for some aspects of the book, but there were some other things that really surprised me.

I would highly recommend this book.

Thanks to Bethany House for a copy of this book.

I recently logged into Hoopla and binge listened to Parents Rising. I probably didn't into the book as much as I could have because I was doing other things, but I really liked being able to fill the background with something that was helpful.

I really like that the tips in this book were very practical. She gives 8 strategies and then talks through how parents can practically do those things.

One thing I wished she wouldn't have done is starting with talking about limiting tv. I really think this could be a turn off to this book for a lot of parents. It felt like the book was all about not watching tv.

Thanks to Moody for a copy of this book.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Generous Love {Book Review}

Generous Love was an excellent read. Although, this book mad me realize how much I put myself first. Sometimes, I need to hear about my issues and to remind myself that I need to be putting other people first. 

I love how this book has Scripture interwoven through the book. I didn't feel like I was just hearing what Becky thought, but I was hearing what God thought. 

The book also had many practical applications of how I can put others first. Things as easy as, when you invite others to your home, pray for them before the meal. So easy, but so hard. 

Thanks to Bethany House for a copy of this book.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Cozy Up With Some Good Books

Secret Keeper Girl Mom-Daughter Devos: with Coloring Experience will be a great book to pull out when my girls get a little bigger. I love that there is a passage of Scripture on each day, something to read, and an encouragement to journal. They also have pictures that they can color along the way. What a fun way to get girls excited about learning about God's Word.

Thanks to Moody for a copy of this book.


Who knew that someone could get in trouble for making lace? A Refuge Assured has great reviews on Amazon, but once again, I struggled to get into it and so I am giving myself grace. I have two littles and for right now, I will not be finishing this book.

Thanks to Bethany House for a copy of this book.
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