Monday, September 29, 2014

Tips for Listing on eBay

I have been trying to declutter somethings from the house and have been looking for aspects to sell them and make money. I have tried selling somethings on local Facebook pages, but after several times of getting stood up, this gets frustrating. I have recently rekindled my love for selling on eBay.

I am addicted. I have the eBay app on my phone and check out the things that I am selling frequently.

What to list? I find it intriguing when I watch things sell on eBay that I don't think will sell. Although at the same time, some things that I think will sell, don't. I won't sell things for less than $0.99, but I will list things for that price if I know they will sell. Usually, $5 is the price that I shoot for in order to make it worth my while.

How to list? I search for a similar item to see what they are selling for. This search gives me a price to start the item. On the page of the item, I click on sell similar. This option saves a little time in listing the item.

Complete the Listing 

1. Title- think of what you would search for and include this in the title. You have quite a few characters, so add a lot of detail. See what others have listed their item as.

2. Details- list what is pertinent, but don't stress over this area. If your item is new, this are is easy. If used, make sure you list what is the matter. Be honest, but you don't have to write a book. I try to get more details in the title

3. Auction or buy it now?- I have started including both. I always put the buy it now a little higher than what I am hoping to sell the item.

If you don't list buy it now, some people will try to contact you and get you to sell your item to them. I get frustrated when sellers contact me to sell. So, I have removed that option from them by including a buy it now price.

4. Price- a few factors will determine your price.
  • Will it create lots of interest? If you have something like an iPhone, start your listing at $0.99. People will then watch your item and may bid for more than they would pay for a buy it now price. If you start your item at $99.99, not as many people will watch and potentially bid on your item.
  • Will only one person want the item? If you have a unique item that won't cause a bidding war, then start the auction at the lowest price that you would take for the item.
5. Length- most times I pick 7 days for mine to be listed. Occasionally, I will go shorter but more for things such as I want items to end on the same day.

6. Shipping- always make sure you charge enough. Nothing like selling something and then loosing money on shipping. If you have a scale, this will help you figure out how much something weighs. Make sure you take into account the packaging as well.

Paying for your shipping through eBay will save you money. Investing in a postal scale will pay for itself if you sell just a few things on eBay. 

Be patient. Most things will sell, it just may take listing the item several times. 

Any questions you have or tips for me?

If you are interested in selling on eBay, then pin this for future reference.

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