Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Mortgage Update

Want an idea for a Christmas gift? Check out this debt free scream. Life changing Christmas gift!

My Mistake

I was just talking to my dad the other day about making sure that we are paying down the principle. I have been paying our mortgage online and just realized that we were paying our payment and not the principle when we were paying early. My dad and I had a discussion about this idea of paying the principle. Hopefully this concept will help us pay things down sooner!

Now, I need to be making trips to the bank I think. Will have to talk to the bank the next time I go in to see about how paying online works.

Breakdown of Extra Money

Here is a breakdown of some areas where we were able to get extra money from to add to our mortgage. I hope this gives you some ideas of where you could get some extra money from to help pay off debt.

  • Refund on Esther $420

Didn't know we could make money on our child. :) Apparently my husband has a decent HRA that helps to pay our deductible. Didn't know that before, but know we do!

  • Change $6

We throw our change in a jar. Every so often I roll the change and this goes on our mortgage.

  • Backdated raise my husband got at work $240.19

Since our update in September, we have been able to pay off $897 from our principle. Giving us a total of $2.077 for our 2nd year so far. $3,923 to go before next July in order to hit our goal of 6 grand this year.


  1. Good job!! I can't wait for your debt free post! :)

    1. I can't wait for it either, Jenny!

  2. Great reminder that we need to pay down our principal too. Congrats and good luck with the rest.

    1. Glad this post encouraged you to pay down your principal. I am all for getting Americans debt free! Just imagine what we could accomplish. And if our government were a better example. :)


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