Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Make Money By Selling Your Books Online

A friend recently asked me what my favorite way to sell books online was. I know there are lots of places to sell books and different options for trading books, but I thought I would share with you all my current favorite way to sell books.

I do use paperbackswap sometimes for books. However, I don't like paying shipping, and I don't like the book sitting around until someone requests the book. However, I did just get a good book about nursing the other day using paperbackswap.

I also know that you can sell book on amazon, but once again I don't like having the books around my house until they sell.

One day I stumbled on someone's blog who used and liked Powell's. I thought I would try it out and I really like the ease I have in selling books. You must have 3 books or $5 worth of credit in order for them to pay the shipping.

How Powell's works:

1. Enter the ISBN of the book you want to sell.
2. They quote a price if they are willing to buy the book.
3. Request either to be paid by paypal or Powell's credit.
4. Print the shipping label. They pay the shipping!
5. Mail and wait for refund.

What I like about Powell's:

Free shipping
I can get cash, well my paypal money can become cash!
Super easy for me.

Have any of you ever used Powell's? Do you have any other sites that you like to sell books through?

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