Wednesday, February 8, 2012

PaperBackSwap: Great way to trade books!

What a great day to curl up in a window seat like this and read a book and watch the snow fall! Maybe I will have to talk to my landlords about getting one of these added to the house!
Octagonal window seat, book nook. Country-esque.
image from here
If I were able to curl up with a book, I would curl up with a book that I am currently reading...and need to make the time to pick back up!
A few years ago, I hear about this website, PaperBackSwap, where you can trade books. It is a great way to get rid of books in exchange for some new to you books. I was able to get Under the Overpass from this site. 

To start, if you list 10 books online, you will 2 book credits that you can requests books from other members. The member will send those books to you.

The only catch to this service is that if people request your books, you have to pay the shipping to mail them. This typically costs around $2 to $3 to send a book. But not bad in exchange for a new to you book! Your books do have to fill certain qualifications as far as quality.

This is a great way to get rid of books that might not have a whole lot of resale value, but are a good read. In exchange, you get a good book to be able to read. Not too bad in my book!

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