Monday, October 6, 2014

Goals: Week of October 6th

I don't what know it is, but Mondays here recently have me dragging. I was whipped yesterday and tried hard to take a nap. My nap just didn't work. Needless to say, my goal for today is to get things done this morning so that I can take a nap this afternoon. We are suppose to get a storm this afternoon so that could help me sleep. Now, to get a cooperative little girl to sleep as well! 

Last weeks goals

1. List 10 things on eBay. I was literally shocked by what something sold for last week. It was only $10, but I had thought about just giving the item away because I didn't think it was worth anything. 

2. Make a Sleep Sack

3. Write a post about selling on eBay. Make sure you check out my tips for selling on ebay 

This weeks goals

1. List 5 things on eBay

2. Make a Bump Book from my pregnancy pictures

3. Redo ads on blog

4. Make breakfast burritos

5. Make budget for the next year

Recent Posts

October Mortgage Update- Can't wait to plug away this month on our mortgage.

And our spare bedroom. This picture is after about a month of slowly working on the mess. Slowly getting better! 


  1. Nice list of goals. I love the sleep sack . it's really cute! I found your blog on Money Saving Mom . I'm going to visit your blog for awhile and follow along. I'd love for you to visit my little spot at mommiesandbeyondtoo blogspot dot com

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Shanna! I looke forward to having you follow along. I am coming over to your blog right now!

  2. I love Esther's new sleep sack. Awesome job! :) And she looks adorable in it!

    Good work on your spare bedroom, too. I feel like clearing things out little by little is the best way to go. I'm slowly doing this with our basement.

    1. I think she looks a little scared in that picture, Sandra!

      Slow cleaning may seem like it takes a while, but in my mind it is getting done! If I attacked it quickly, nothing would get done because I would get overwhelmed!


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