Saturday, June 21, 2014

Living in Fear or Trusting in Love

I can tell you the first time that I remember hearing this verse. The summer before my senior year, we had to memorize the verse for our missions trip to Australia.

My youth pastor's wife was challenged by this verse because she was afraid of flying and knew it was because she wasn't trusting in God's love for her.

To be quite honest, I did not understand this verse at all at the time. I knew she was challenged by the verse and knew what the verse meant to her, but that was the end of things as far as I was concerned with this verse.

Well, this last week, I was reminded of the truth presented in this verse. I was fearing the unknown of delivery,vaginal or c-section. I knew that I was not trusting in what God thought would be the best for me. I was not trusting in His love. As a result, I was living in fear. Ever been there? I am sure I will find myself there many more times in life!

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