Thursday, June 19, 2014

37 Week Pregnancy Update and a Little Peek At Our Little One

If you remember last week, I was freaking out about thinking that baby was breech and not moving. I really did not want to have to face a c-section. Thank you all for all of the encouragement that you sent over the last week. I had some friends who knew I had an ultrasound today, and they were texting me to see how things went. So encouraging. 

I learned this week that worrying is not worth while. I have been freaking out that baby is breech, and I know don't think that baby has been at all. Nothing moved, and when we went in for the ultrasound today, the first thing the tech said is, "Head is down." Ok, I am done! I don't need to know anything else. 

Everything looked great. They thought that baby is around 6 pounds. 

All I have to say is that God had some lessons to teach me and He has His ways of teaching me to trust in him and not myself. 

How far along? 37 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 26 pounds

Sleep: Been pretty good. I definitely haven't been sleepy very heavy. Guess my body is getting ready for a crying little one. 

Best moment this week: Hearing, "Head is down."

Miss Anything? Being able to find a comfortable position for more than a few minutes. 

Movement: Those legs really get me sometimes!

Symptoms: Always needing to go to the bathroom. 

Food cravings: No, but have to eat some things sometimes just because I am pregnant. 

Wedding rings on or off? on 

Looking forward to: Knowing that as long as everything goes well, this baby will be able to be born vaginally. Just takes a load off of my shoulders. I need to mentally prepare now. 

Appointments: Everything looks great. Dilated just about a cm. Got a little ways to go! I got to meet the other midwife today.  
In case you missed my last post, you can see my 36 week update.

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