Monday, June 23, 2014

Goals: Week of June 23rd

VBS started last night at my church! Can I just say, I love VBS. I am helping with registration this year. Had to do something that someone else could fill in for if this little one of ours decides to come early.

I didn't do too bad on my goals for last week. That twirl skirt pattern. I really just need to knock it out! Honestly, it won't take me that long to finish. I just need to pick the pattern up and work!

Last weeks goals

1. Finish up pattern for twirl skirt 

2. Finish curtains for the nursery

3. Take 2 days of class that I will need to keep my teaching license valid.

4. Attend a 2 day event at my in laws. I need to make 2 t-shits work for my maternity belly before then!

5. Finish Nursing Your Baby

This weeks goals

1. Finish up pattern for twirl skirt

2. Write and submit paper for the class that I took last week

3. Clean bathrooms, floors, dust, and main windows

4. Pull weeds

5. Make Moby wrap, pail liner, and swaddling blanket

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