Monday, June 16, 2014

Goals: Week of June 16th

This week is going to be a busy week around here. Warm and humid is also on the way this week. Makes me think that I am going to be tired by the end of this week!

I pushed myself with my goals last week. I did make some progress, but still have a few to knock out this week. 

Last weeks goals

1. Finish up pattern for twirl skirt

2. Read pages 121-274 of Nursing Your Baby

3. Paint book shelf.

4. Finish thank yous from shower.

5. Make curtains for in the nursery. They are almost done, but I chose to pick strawberries over working on curtains! 

This weeks goals

1. Finish up pattern for twirl skirt

2. Finish curtains for the nursery

3. Take 2 days of class that I will need to keep my teaching license valid.

4. Attend a 2 day event at my in laws. I need to make 2 t-shits work for my maternity belly before then!

5. Finish Nursing Your Baby

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A Few Pictures
My nieces and nephew were all feeling my belly the other day to feel the baby move. They are too cute!

My husband and I got a few pics together. 

Comparing bellies. Pretty sure I won!

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