Monday, August 26, 2013

Goals: Week of August 26th

Posting my goals online each week has really kept me on track and encouraged me to do what I need to do. 
A dream without a goal is like a cloud without anything else. Get inspired at where there's lots of goal-setting tips that ensure success!
Last week's goals: 

Home Goals:
  1. Start using a cleaning schedule- I did most of the week. Need to keep up with the schedule this week. 
  2. Organize guest room- made some progress, but still not done
  3. Make bathroom curtain
  4. Can pizza sauce
Personal Goals:
  1. Go on a walk
  2. Write 2 letters to friends
  3. List things to sell
Blog Goals:
  1. Finish patterns- They are done, but I need to figure out how to print a pdf with the correct sizing. 
  2. Finish reading book and do 2 book reviewsI posted about So Long, Insecurity and my other post is ready to go this week.

This week's goals:

Home Goals:

   1. Set up an escrow account
   2. Call an orchard about apples to make applesauce
   3. Continue with cleaning schedule
   4. Call about fuel oil fills

Personal Goals:

   1. Go on a walk
   2. Read Into the Whirlwind

Blog Goals:

   1. Put popular posts in the side bar
   2. Revamp SEO
   3. Finish Patterns
   4. Put a way to contact me on my blog

I have started out this week very tired. Hopefully, I can get moving this week :)

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