Friday, August 23, 2013

Tips for Hanging Out Your Laundry: Picking a Clothespin Bag

I have been working on a series of tips for hanging out your laundry. You can click back for basic tips and tips on picking clothespins. Today, I want to focus on picking a clothespin bag. 

The debate is out there to leave clothespins on the line of to take them off. Personally, I bring my clothespins in every time. Maybe it is the look of a clean clothesline, or it is because I don't want to buy clothespins every year, but more likely it is because my mom brought in her clothespins.

Growing up, my mom always just sewed a bag that she put on the ground. Always worked great.

When I got clothespins from my grandma, I inherited a vintage bag similar to this clothespin bag.

I love that I can hang it on the clothesline. Although, I would probably get better exercise bending over to get clothespins. 

One of these days, my bag will probably fall apart. I think there is a limit on how many years the bag will last. When that happens I will look into buying one of these clothespin bags or I will try to make one like one of these below. The links under the picture will take you to the tutorial of how to make the bag. 

Make it From Scratch

Like a Pretty Petunia

Or start searching pinterest, there are lots of good ideas floating around out there.

Do you bring in your clothespins or leave them on the line?

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