Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good {Book Review}

The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good by Peter Greer made me think about why I am doing good things that I do. Peter provides a very honest evaluation of himself and of his struggles.
I think the one thing that really stood out to me in this book is what am I sacrificing in order to be doing good? Is my family falling apart because I am involved in a ministry? 

Peter has what he calls 3 am friends. These are friends that are allowed to always question him on things. His goal is to be open and honest with them. He admits that is easier said than done. Good friends are hard work, but good friends are also essential. Challenging. 

Recently, I have not been reading many non fiction books and this book was a good break back into non fiction. Quick read that was thought provoking, but not super heavy. 

Thank you to Bethany House for letting me read this book. If you blog, check out Bethany House for how you can get free books. 

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