Thursday, June 21, 2012

Proverbs 31:13- A Fountain of Joy

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Proverbs 31:13 “ She seeks wool and flax, and willingly works with her hands.”

Oh, what a conviction! Do I always find joy in the job that I am doing?

Sometimes I am placed in situations where I don't want to have a good attitude.  Never I think back to my camp counselor days when I was told that we show that we truly have the fruit of the spirit not when it is easy to display them, but when we are tempted to display the exact opposite.

My attitude has to be checked every day…if not just about every few minutes J

I am sure that her willing spirit helped her to create things of greater beauty than is she did things with a grudging spirit.

Elizabeth’s How-to’s of beauty

#1 Pray daily- When you realize that the attitude is stinky, as God to help you change it. I hate those days that I am in a bad mood, and I just want to stay in that mood. Forget changing. Watch out!

#2 Recite Scripture

#3 Do your work as unto the Lord

#4 Tackle your tasks- I just worked on making my to do list for the day!




#5 Look for the benefits

#6 Pause and rest

#7 Watch what you eat- I am curious what you all have found that zaps your energy and what some things are that give you energy?

#8 Value each day- I am only guaranteed the minute that I am living in. How am I using it for the Lord?

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