Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Proverbs 31:12- A Spring of Goodness

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Proverbs 31:12 She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.

“God’s beautiful wife is intent on lavishing every possible good upon her husband.” This phrase by Elizabeth is challenging. Is it good enough just to do one nice thing a day for our husband? It can't be something that I just check off a list, but it needs to be a mindset that I am always be looking for ways to do good to my husband.
How easy it is not to bring goodness into the life of a husband. This is addressed in Elizabeth’s how-to’s of beauty.
#1 Beware of the enemies of goodness
  • A tendency to compare- when tempted to compare try praising him and thanking him
  • A growing root of bitterness- she reminds us that bitterness and thankfulness cannot be in our hearts together
  • A sagging spiritual condition- this will cause problems in all areas of life
#2 Follow God’s Plan
Hitler took the time to devise his plan. What kind of plan am I taking time to devise? I am devising a plan. Is it my plan to bring good or to bring bad to my husband?
Elizabeth also reminds the single ladies in this chapter, that this woman that was described was what a single man should be looking for. You need to be looking for the good in the people that God has placed in your life.
Can you think of any ladies that did not do their husbands good in the Bible? There are lots. Who sticks out the most to you?
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