Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spa Day

The last two years around Valentine's Day, a friend and I have had a tea party for some girls. This year my friend Hannah suggested a spa day. I was all for not dressing up :)

We started brainstorming some ideas that would be easy and fun for the girls. I am very thankful for Hannah and her help. I could not do an event like this without her. She is a blast to work with! And she is not afraid to tell me when my ideas are bizarre :)

We decided that we were going to have a theme of pamper yourself like a princess and have the time revolve around the Bible character of Esther. I learned a lot just reading through the book of Esther.

We all wore our pajamas!

We decided that we were going to have three stations to entertain and pamper the girls during the time.
  • At our first station we did a honey facial. The girls also got to put cumcumbers...or as some of them called them pickles...on their eyes.
  • At the second station, the girls got to do a sugar hand scrub.
  • At the third station, the girls got to paint their fingernails. It was fun to watch them pick out the bright and glittery colors.
I was intrigued at the end that the girls were divided in thirds about which was their favorite activity.
Here are some pictures from the day. I love all the smiles on the girl's faces!


  1. Great Idea! And great to center the lesson around Esther :)

    1. Thanks! I learned a lot studying Esther for the day!


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