Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pamper Yourself Like a Princess: Esther

I have to admit, that I have to have a hard time spending time pampering myself. I just don't like spending the extra time and money on myself. If I could just get by with the basics in life, I would be totally ok.

A friend of mine and I are having a spa day at church where the girls will get to pamper themselves for the morning. We always try to do some little program with the day. This year we decided to do the story of Esther.

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One day, Scott had a meeting at the hospital, so I sat in the cafeteria and read the book of Esther. Wow. Read that book with the mindset of what can I get out of this for a spa day.

I just scribbled down some things that jumped out at me, and I want to share them with you.

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These all come from Esther:

2:2-4 Beautiful young virgins were called to find a new queen.
2:8 Esther was a prospect
2:9 They were given cosmetics and a portion of food
      she advanced to the top 7
2:12 They went before the king after 12 months of purifying...12 months. I can't imagine!
      6 months were devoted to oil and myrrh
      6 months of spices and ointment
2:13 Time to go before the kind- they were given whatever she wanted
2:15 Esther only took what the king's advisor advised
2:17 The king loved her more than all woman and placed a crown on her head
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 Did you catch that they took a whole year to pamper themselves? What is your favorite thing to do to pamper yourself? You can fess up now, because we just learned it is ok :)


  1. Twenty minute showers.

  2. Getting my hair done! I would LOVE to have mine done like that picture pretty!

  3. Getting a mani and pedi! I love having my nails painted :)


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