Monday, April 4, 2016

April Mortgage Update

 Another slow month, but we were given hope that we may not have to pay all of our hospital bills. Hoping that means that we will have some extra money that we have already set aside to pay medical bills.  

Breakdown of Extra Money 
  • none this month


Since our update in March, we have been able to pay $244 from our principle. Giving us a total of $3456 for our year. Leaving us with $2544 in order to reach our 6k for the year.


  1. It's great that you may not have pay as much on medical bills. I hope you're not discouraged, Lydia. You guys have been doing such a great job at working towards your goal. :)

    1. Honestly, I have been encouraged recently just to know that I might not have to pay as much on medical bills! Answer to prayers!

  2. You are making great progress. Even a little progress is better than none at all.

    I know this month we ended up with quite a few huge bills. A dental bill for a crown for my husband, he broke a tooth. Another big one for a test I had at the hospital as well as another big expense.

    I hope the amount you end up needing to pay is less than you were expecting. Don't get discouraged, it might be a little of a setback but if you keep focused on your goals you can make it.

    1. Hey, Shelly. I was going to post a YouTube video explaining all this better and it just didn't happen. We are hoping we only have to pay 25% of my medical bills, but we have to wait another month or two to find out.

      Not cool that you all had some major expenses either. Thankful that God provides for us exactly what we need!


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