Friday, November 13, 2015

35 Week Bump Post

Sorry, I didn't realize that you couldn't see my belly super well. Scott and I were just talking about how hard it is getting to keep my belly covered. I feel like an old man with a beer belly that hangs out the bottom of my shirt. Pretty sight!

We had our ultrasound this week. Everything looks great. Head is down and fairly low. We could see hair in the ultrasound pic. Baby didn't want to show their face though!

I read a friends post about things she is fearing about baby coming. Some of these same thoughts go through my mind, but I am glad I will only have 2 in diapers!


  1. You look great, Lydia. :) I'm glad everything went well with your ultrasound, too. It's hard to believe you only have about 1 month left before you get to meet you new little one. How exciting!!

    1. I can't believe at all that it is only a month! I am glad things went well with the ultrasound as well.
      Hope your week is going well, Sandra!


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