Tuesday, June 30, 2015

July Mortgage Update- 2 Years in to Pay Off

I can hardly believe that we have been in our house for two years already. Time flies! 

We did get a 30 year mortgage, but over the last two years have been able to get down to 22 years! I found this pay off calculator and had some fun plugging in numbers. 

Another cool thing is that we are now paying $40 less in interest and more in principle each month. Thankful for the extra help in paying off our mortgage! 

Breakdown of Extra Money
  • $14.90- selling books
  • $3- pattern sales on craftsy
  • $75- selling on ebay
  • $25.60- selling on etsy
  • $15- selling on facebook


Since our update in June, we have been able to pay $619 from our principle. Giving us a total of $6,791 for our year.

I have found some podcasts this month that have been encouraging. If you enjoy podcasts, I encourage you to check them out over at hisandhermoney.com. Debt free stories are encouraging to me!


  1. You guys are doing an amazing job and encouraging others in the process! :) I hope you have a great weekend, Lydia!

    1. Thanks, we are trying! Hope you have a great weekend as well.


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