Monday, April 7, 2014

Goals: Week of April 7th

Last week was crazy. I felt like I was at home only one night that I was able to get anything done past making supper. I was at home on Thursday night with goals of being productive. When it came down to getting things done, I really just wanted a nap. So, a nap I took.

Needless to say, my goals were untouched except for riding the bike one day. 

We have a rainy day today, so here I sit on my couch ripping out seems on my curtain. Yikes! Can you tell part of the reason I have been unmotivated to work on them. Who wants to take out their work?

What has been great though, is that a Mom Conference started today and I have been listening to the videos for the day. If you like to listen to things while you work, I would highly recommend you sign up for this event. I have enjoyed the videos so far. Informative and challenging!

This weeks goals 

1. Ride bike for 10 minutes a day for 3 days

2. Make curtains for our living room.

3. Make a twirl skirt for 5T that my niece can try on for me. 

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