Saturday, April 26, 2014

For Such a Time by Kate Breslin {Book Review}

The Holocaust is definitely an interesting time in history and it is during this time period that
For Such a Time happens.

When you look at the title of this book, a Bible character might come to mind. Esther. She managed to save her people. The heroine in this book is given the opportunity to possibly save her people. SUCH A TIME

This book is not fully based on history, but does have some elements in there. I can't even begin to fathom what life would have been like to be a Jew during this time period. To always live in fear and to never really have enough. We really are a blessed people. I have had everything that I truly need and have never been afraid every moment for my life. 

I was encouraged by this book to make sure that my faith in God is what I am using for my strength. Nothing else is going to matter. 

Thanks to Bethany House for allowing me to review this book.

This book contains affiliate links. 

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