Monday, March 10, 2014

Goals: Week of March 10th

What a beautiful spring like day we are having. The temperature is 57 outside right now. We enjoyed a nice walk outside today without freezing! We are suppose to get more snow on Wednesday, so the warm isn't staying around long. 

We also got to see our little one today! I will share some of the ultrasounds pics on my belly post on Thursday. You can check out last week's belly post

I didn't realize that we would get to see the baby's organs. We got to see all 4 ventricles of the heart. I did have to think, I hope this is the only time that I get to see this little one's heart. Pretty neat, though.

Better get back to goals, since this isn't a bump update. :) You can check out my goals from last week

I had good intentions, but the one night I got up to work on cleaning the walls, my belly was not wanting to wash walls. So, the couch got my pregnant body. And of course I had put this off until Saturday. Working on the whole procrastination thing again!

Last weeks goals 

1. Ride bike for 10 minutes a day for 3 days. I accomplished 2 days. One of those days, I was done after 3 minutes, but I pressed on. Man am I out of shape!

2. Get book fair as organized as I can. Organized. Get to order the books tonight!

3. Wash down walls in nursery. Nope.

This weeks goals 

 1. Ride bike for 10 minutes a day for 3 days

2. Wash down walls in nursery

3. Do a good cleaning of the house. I have been running the last few weeks and have not spent much time cleaning. 

Make sure you stop back on Thursday and have a great productive week!

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