Monday, February 10, 2014

Goals: Week of February 10th

Talk about procrastination. I had to wait until later in the day to post my goals so that I could finish up a goal from last week. I wish I didn't procrastinate. Any one out there have a good cure for procrastination?

You can check out my goals from last week here.

Last weeks goals

1. I only did 40 push ups and squats, but I did get a good half an hour of shoveling in to cover me for the other day.

2. I fixed the paint on our accent wall, but the other two areas are going to this week.

3. I made two curtains for my kitchen. I was able to use stuff that I had on hand, so the curtains were free. That is what I like!

This weeks goals

1. Fix paint in the bathrooms and the ceilings.

2. Work on taxes. I had a friend already get their tax refund back, and now I want to get mine done. I am a big fan of using TurboTax.

3. Make 5 trips in to work for American Greetings. Valentine's Day is coming up!

Updates this week

I did have a slow week on my blog this week. I did share my belly pic and some facts from 18 weeks
You will have to check it out. 

I did also share how you can get a free subscription of Thriving Family. Also, how you can get $10 of free clothes through ThredUp.

I hope you all have a great week and can avoid procrastinating. :)

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