Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Free Nursing Pillow, Baby Sling, Carseat Canopy, and Nursing Cover

I got an email from one of my high school girls from camp who is expecting. Man, does that not make me feel old! She is going to make a great momma.
She shared with me some deals that she was able to score that she thought I might be able to share with my blog readers. Here is a portion of her email.
Last week I was looking online for a baby carrying sling. Of course, being super-practical, I searched for one that was inexpensive yet durable, but kept seeing all these pretty patterns... and sighed. I thought about sewing one in a pattern I liked, but til I found the material, pattern, and put a kid in it, would this really work best? 
God provided a coupon code just days later for the website with the pretty baby sling... which led to a coupon code for a pillow and other Mom-gear. While preparing for a baby can be overwhelming (what will I need? what will I actually use? what will actually work in caring for this kid?), it's nice to find offers that provide for Mom too.
The codes provide for a free item, but the buyer is responsible for shipping and handling, which is about $11-13. That may still seem high for some people, but to find two useful, quality items that don't just come in plain black (and without feeling guilty adding to a registry) for about $25 is nice. 

These would also make great gifts if you have a baby shower coming up.
You will be able to use the codes more than once, you will just have to place separate orders.
A pretty good deal for pretty & practical:

Baby Slings: sevenslings.com
code: ENBABY

Carseat Canopy: carseatcanopy.com
code: AB01

Nursing Pillow: nursingpillow.com

Nursing Cover: uddercovers.com code: carseatcanopy

This is an affiliate post.

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