Saturday, September 28, 2013

Is it ok to get an abortion?

At church, I have the privilege of teaching a high school girls Sunday School class. Two weeks ago, I posed to them the question "Putting aside morals, if you were to get pregnant today, what would you do with the baby?" Is abortion ok?

The first response I received was that they would put the baby up for adoption. I challenged them that this response came from the idea that human life is important. I fully believe that human life is important, but that belief is founded in the Bible.

One of the girls said, I would be scared and without morals, I would be ok with aborting the baby. She nailed the idea that I was trying to get across.

Enter what I believe was a God ordained rabbit trail. :) I always pray that God would speak through me. I believe this was one instance when He did. I have been challenged for the last week and a half.

When I went into Sunday school that week, I was not planning on talking about abortion. We were talking about Rebekah giving birth to Jacob and Esau. Jacob and Esau both became the father of a nation. I mentioned about how if Rebekah would have chosen to abort those boys that a whole two nations would have been destroyed.

So, is abortion ok? I believe that it never is ok.

Should I force my morals about believing that abortion is wrong on those who are unsaved? No. Instead, I need to be showing them who my God is and bringing them to Him. God can show them that their baby is important. Who knows what that little one will bring to the world.

I, however, should not expect them to have my morals if they are unsaved. What is my main mission in life. Pushing my morals on the unsaved or bringing salvation to the unsaved?

Sometimes, I think I get stuck on the smaller things in life such as abortion, lying, and the list could go on. I need to be focused on the big picture of making sure that souls know that they will be going to heaven.

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