Monday, August 12, 2013

Goals: Week of August 12th

The importance of goals.
I like to search pinterest for new goal pictures. I found this one and knew I had to use this picture! You can follow me on pinterest.

I know that writing down my goals makes me decide on what I want to do. Placing them online keeps me accountable. I don't know who all will read them from week to week, but just knowing that someone will gives me motivation. 

Thank you all who are reading this for being my motivation for getting my goals accomplished! You are increasing my chance of getting it done by 35%!

This week, I will get my patterns finished. Ready to check on that one next week?

Last week's goals:
  1. Finish Patterns
  2. Clean out closets and drawers. Then host clothing exchange- I do enjoy getting rid of clothes and getting clothes. I like to hold on to them a little too much though. I got rid of several things this last week! 
  3. Clean Floors- I swept them then my awesome husband mopped them. Gotta love him :)
  4. Paint 2 closets- all my closets are painted! I decided to do them all in white or off white so that they don't have to be painted every time we paint the room.
  5. Get up by 8 three times this week- I did twice. I did get up most days by 8:30. A little better
  6. Blog two times- I actually did three times. Why don't you go back and read them? I would love to hear your comments. 
  7. Read the next 5 chapters of my book- I will be finishing this book this week. I have enjoyed the read.
This week's goals:
  1. Go on a walk- we moved to a busy road. I need to get out and go on a walk so that I know it is possible. I will have to take my husband with me on this walk :)
  2. Wash windows. My brother told me the other day, this job only takes an hour, so you may as well do it. This is one of those jobs that people very mixed opinions on whether to do or not. Makes me curious how often do you wash your windows?
  3. Make bathroom curtain
  4. Finish Patterns
  5. Can Roasted Red Pepper Spread
  6. Clean out and organize guest bedroom
  7. Finish book
  8. Blog two times
I would love to hear what your goals are for this week. Telling a friend boosts your likelihood of getting them done by 35% :)


  1. Oh, my! You have big goals for the week. I am not a fan of washing windows myself, but I have seen a thing on pinterest with a good, foolproof solution for washing windows, so that wouldn't make it so bad. We actually had them cleaned earlier this year and I preferred that to doing them (we have a 2 story house). I love your quote at the top! It is so motivating to write them down and cross them off, but it is even more motivating when you are being held accountable!

    1. Unfortunately, my house is only a one story. I can't quite justify paying someone to do them for me. Bummer! What is the foolproof solution that you found on pinterest?

      I really liked that quote too when I came across it. Thanks for stopping by and keeping me accountable!

  2. I hope your new road is walkable. Looks like you've got a good week ahead of you.

    1. My husband and I were talking about some strategies about walking out new road. We will be able to walk on the road, but with caution!

  3. Do you have a nearby park where you could walk? We live on a very busy road but we're a block and half from an entrance to a park with a 2 miles walking/biking/etc. trail. It's been a huge blessing with the traffic on our road!

    Have a great week,

    1. We aren't super close to a park, but we are close to a smaller subdivision. This might be where we end up heading. Will check it out this week! Thanks for the idea, Lea!

  4. Great goals!

    When I had my house in Ohio I had awesome windows on the first floor so I was ambitious and washed them once a moth or so. However, I rarely washed the windows on the second floor. Now, in our one floor place here in NJ there aren't many windows so I will probably only wash them every few months or so.

    Good luck finishing your patterns. :)

    1. I have two big picture windows. I agree those will probably be my priority. I did wash my windows yesterday, but this morning in the sunlight I saw how streaky the window is. Will be going back over those two windows!

  5. I hope you get your patterns finished and your windows washed this week. We do our windows about twice a year but we live where we get so much rain the outside of the window stays nice and clean for the most part of the year. The inside of the windows are a different story with the kids always touching them, not to mention the dogs nose prints. So the insides to the windows get done at least once a week. I hope you have a great week.

    1. Kids can do that to windows. Sticky gooey hands and not good for glass! I am impressed that you stay on top of the insides and don't just say oh kids live here. Way to go you!

  6. Good luck washing those windows :) My kitchen screens were bugging me (white fluff gets all over them) and I actually did something about it last week. It was an awesome feeling! Thanks for stopping by. I'm looking forward to seeing what you get done this week.

    1. I have old windows, so I have storm windows. Wasn't really sure how to get between all the layers up in there. My kitchen window still has some cob webs up in there even after cleaning. What a pain!


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