Monday, July 29, 2013

Goals: Week of July 29th


We were blessed this last week! Family and church members helped us move all of our big stuff. I appreciated the muscles and the trucks and trailers that were brought. They made our lives a whole lot easier. We could not have done things as easily on our own! 

I also realized how much we own. Oh my! I have some things that I know I need to get rid of. I probably should have done that before I moved right?! I guess part of me wants to get settled here to see what all we need before getting rid of stuff. 

Last week's goals:
  1. Get everything moved
  2. Get as much stuff unpacked as I can
  3. Change address- I am sure more place will pop up that need changed.
This week's goals:
  1. Plan a menu and grocery shop. I has been about 3 weeks since I have really grocery shopped!
  2. Unpack kitchen
  3. List things to sell
  4. Finish patterns
  5. Plan a clothing exchange- yes I found clothes when I moved that I didn't know that I owned!
  6. Make a cleaning schedule
  7. Read the first 5 chapters of The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good
I am ready for a good week! How about you?


  1. Hey there!

    One of the bloggers I keep in touch with just talked about exchanging/borrowing clothing with friends as a way to make do without buying new clothes. I'm participating in the wardrobe challenge this year where we ration our new purchases as they did in England during the wartime with coupons for each purchase. It's been a lot of fun. Funny that you should mention a clothing exchange with friends because I just posted this week that I hadn't done so since high school/college... Glad to hear so many hands helped make light(er) work of your move!


    1. Hey Jenny, I have done really well without buying clothes, but then I tend to hang on to what I have. Clothes that appear when I move, probably don't really need to be kept. Plus in five years, will I really want to wear it if I am not now? Too bad you couldn't come to my clothing exchange!


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