Friday, March 1, 2013

DIY Boy's Argyle Shirt

I have thought about making some shirts, but didn't want to spend much money on brand new shirts. I found a good deal at Gabriel Brother's where a shirt was less than $1. I decided to see what I could come up with. I searched through pinterest and this became my inspiration. An argyle shirt. Super easy and fun!

  • I started by printing out a diamond from google docs (microsoft word for most of you). I then held it up to the shirt. I had to print the diamond again and make mine smaller. 
  • Then I cut out 6 diamonds from fabric. I used cotton and did 3 diamonds from each material
  • I also cut out 6 pieces from fusible interfacing.
  • I ironed the interfacing on the wrong side following the instructions on the package. Apparently, I didn't cut them all straight :)
  • I then chose the pattern that I wanted them in and pinned them on. Make sure that the points on all sides are touching. 
  • Next, I sewed around the edges of each diamond individually.
  • Then I sewed between the diamonds. I picked a side and started at the bottom of the diamond, all the out to the middle point. I would sew through the middle of the diamond and up to the top in the white area, like in the picture on the right. I did this until I had completed the pattern. The picture on the left might help you figure this out better. 

How are you going to incorporate this idea into your sewing? Also, I have a few more of these shirts and would love to know what you would put on them.

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  1. I'm always stuck for sewing projects for little boys, so this is definitely on my list. What a cute result! Thanks for sharing your work!
    popping in from the pin junkie link party!

    1. Glad you stopped by! I am trying to think of something to make with the remaining shirts!


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