Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Finds Under Five: Old Quilts

My grandmother in law was given lots of fabric scraps. She passed the ones that she did not want on to me. They are taking over my closet, but I am having so much fun in using the free fabric to make other things! 

Among all of those scraps were some quilt tops. Nothing too elaborate or extremely well done, but I still could not part with them. 

I have been hanging on to them for a few months with no great idea of what to do. Ok, I have some ideas, but nothing that made me want to cut them up to do.

On my dining room table, I had a winter bowl full of pine cones, burlap, and pine branches. I had to get rid of my pine branches on the table, because the branches were very dried out. I couldn't leave my table bare, but wasn't sure what to do.

And then I remembered about those quilts. I took one of the strips and put it on my table as a table runner. 

I also took the bowl that had the pine branches in and put in apples. Of course I washed it first :) Makes me think of fall.

I could probably sew the edges and make it look more professional, but I like the look that it presents. Reminds me of what we can do for free if we just look around.

I would love to hear your ideas for my other quilt tops. I have individual squares all the way to whole quilt tops. 

Stop over and see what So the Cook Said has done for under $5 this week. 

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  1. W0w - love this idea of using a quilt top as a table runner!! Nice idea. Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime.


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