Monday, February 18, 2013

Goals: Week of February 18th

I have to pace myself with the glider recover. And I have to push myself! I have one of the three parts done. And probably the easiest part. I just want to get it done, but that only means one thing. I must get to work!!

Last weeks goals:
  1. Keep up with my crunches and push ups and then run twice. Just trying to get myself out the door in this cold! It felt so good to get out and run. Although, breathing in the cold wasn't too much fun :)
  2. Fix the nail holes in the kitchen so that I can paint the trim sometime in the near future.  Painting is coming this week! 
  3. Find out about auction houses and when I can drop off stuff.  Ready to take next Monday
  4. Finish all the doll party plans- Looking forward to having this event! 
  5. Recover the ottoman part of my glider- sweet relief!! 
  6. Clean out my closet
  7. Focus on making healthy meals for the week
This weeks goals:
  1. Push ups and crunches 5 days. Run twice. 
  2. Paint the trim in the kitchen and bathroom
  3. Redo a frame
  4. Make wine jelly
  5. Recover the glider seat. Dreading this
  6. Crochet a dishcloth using a pattern
  7. Make bread
My infinity scarf has been voted in the top 14 projects of t-shirt and sweater redos. I would love if you could go over here and vote for my scarf. You would make my day :) Mine is currently in second place! 

upcycled sweater to infinity scarf by  Lydia McKnight

Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway! Chance to win some amazing homespun yarn!

Man, do I feel like a teacher who is giving you everything that you need to do for the evening! 

Happy President's Day!


  1. Voted for you! And I want to win the yarn so badly!

    1. Thanks! There will be a few more yarn giveaways soon!

  2. voted and gonna post it on my facebook - hope you win!!

    1. Thanks! This voting will narrow it down to 6. Then voting will start again.

  3. I voted for you and your scarf and hope you win! Thank you for sharing your experience in using a sweater that Grandma did not like, and making it into something you will enjoy- - At Tell Me A Story.

    1. Thank you so much for the vote and for hosting the link up!


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