Friday, February 8, 2013

DIY Swiffer Roundup

Seems like a swiffer is something that most households own anymore. Swiffers are great, but I hate using a cover and throwing it away. Are you with me on this one? Here are some options that you can use.

The first one is my favorite. Simply take a microfiber cloth and wrap it around your swiffer. The picture on the right is what I collected. Gross! The part I love about this one is that I can wash the cloth and use it for many other things. 
The second cloth is made from fleece and flannel. Simply cut the fleece large enough to fit around the swiffer and then sew flannel onto the bottom. This is a little more fun of an option. I have a few of these for sale over in my etsy shop.

This last one is super fun. I pinned it on pinterest and one of my friends commented, "I love this idea but it would pain me to crochet something and rub it on the floor!" I am with her on that. If you are a quick crocheter and would like the pattern, it is available here.

Are you a swiffer user? What do you use on your swiffer?


  1. In a pinch, I've also used a dryer sheet. I saw on Pinterest where they work great to clean did a good job collecting dust bunnies too!

    1. I bet that would work. A box of those would be a lot cheaper than a box of swiffer cloths!


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