Monday, January 7, 2013

Goals: Week of January 7th

This past week was a pretty good week of getting things done! Once again, I think it must be one of those weeks when there is a lot to do, things get done. 

Last weeks goals:
  1. Budget- this needs some adjustment 
  2. Make something to go on all my alligator clips
  3. Sub for 3 days this week
  4. Do 20 crunches and push ups this week- I did them 6 out of 7 days
  5. Repurpose Cardigan- started. Need to borrow my mom's surger to finish this. 
  6. One of my friends leaves soon to go back to college, so we need to hang out this week :)
  7. Get Sunday School lesson ready
This weeks goals:
  1. Plan and host youth group activity
  2. Make a trip to practically perfect
  3. Do crunches and push ups everyday
  4. List a few things to sell
  5. Clean front closet
  6. Completely clean off my old computer
  7. Dye Scott's jacket
Do you have any big projects that you are working on


  1. How do you sell the things you're listing? I have some stuff I should sell, but I usually end up giving it away because I don't have a plan for selling it.

    1. Well there are some things that I have listed on ebay. I recently have been listing stuff on a local facebook garage sale page. Similar to Craig's List.

      I find that I am willing to get rid of more if I can get a little money for it!


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