Monday, January 14, 2013

Goals: Week of January 14th

Not bad, I am looking at last weeks goals and I completely have them done. I didn't do my push ups and crunches on Sunday, but I was ok with taking a break on Sunday!

It is already 11 on Monday though and I still haven't gotten out of my pjs. I guess I better get moving if I want to have a productive day and week!

Last weeks goals:
  1. Plan and host youth group activity
  2. Make a trip to practically perfect
  3. Do crunches and push ups everyday- I didn't on Sunday
  4. List a few things to sell
  5. Clean front closet
  6. Completely clean off my old computer
  7. Dye Scott's jacket
This weeks goals:
  1. Do crunches and push ups 6 days this week
  2. Finish cardigan and blog about it
  3. Clean out oven and clean under our bed- both of them are kinda gross!
  4. List items on etsy
  5. Update etsy shop to make it more customer welcoming
  6. Check into reading endorsement
  7. Contact 10 companies about receiving coupons

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