Monday, September 17, 2012

Goals: Week of September 17th


I felt like I got a decent amount done last week, but need to check off that book that I didn't get read. I get to sub a few days this week which I am excited about. Also, doesn't make for the best at getting things done around the house!

Last Weeks Goals:
  1. Walk 10 miles- made it 7 miles
  2. Finish reading Unstuck
  3. Make 10 headbands
  4. Pick apples
  5. Find out what all is in the area of Florida that we will be going
  6. Try to sell books online
  7. Go through fabric
This Weeks Goals:
  1. Walk 10 miles
  2. Finish reading Unstuck
  3. Make applesauce
  4. Finish Addison's bag
  5. Find and kill a tomato worm- any volunteers who want to do this for me?!!!
  6. Research Shopper's Compass
  7. Fix headliner in my car

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