Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentine's Day! A day that most people decide that they need to be nice to others. What a fun day that can make for. Shouldn't every day be like that?

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I came across this list the other day that I wrote down one time. My youth pastor shared it with the youth group. What an appropriate evaluation on Valentine's Day.

Love suffers long. (Do you have a whole lot of patience with this person?)

Love is kind. (Are you kind to this person? Do you look for ways to help them?)

Love does not envy. (Are you jealous or angry because this person has things you don't)

Love does not put itself first. (Do you consider yourself better than others?)

Love isn't puffed up. (Do you brag and draw attention to yourself? instead of the other person?)

Love doesn't behave itself unseemingly. (Do you always behave in ways that are inappropriate and inconsiderate of others?)

Love doesn't seek its own. (Do you look out for your own interests first?)

Love isn't easily provoked. (Do you get angry easily?)

Love doesn't think evil. (Do you wish the other person would have bad things happen to them?)

Love doesn't rejoice in iniquity. (Do you get pleasure from things that are wrong?)

Love rejoices in the truth. (Do you tell the truth even when it makes others look better?)

Love bears all things. (Are you willing to put up with anything and forgive?)

Love believes all things. (Do you expect the best from and for others?)

Love endures all things. (Do you suffer wrongs with longstanding patience?)

Love never fails. (Are you consistent and reliable?)

Is there someone that you need to work on loving more today?

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