Monday, February 13, 2012

The Foot and a Half Sword

Do the names Ehud and Eglon ring a bell?

If so, your Bible knowledge is far better than mine! The events that these two men take place in are very familiar in my mind though...

A little bit to jog your memory...
  • a two-edged sword. This sword was one cubit or about a foot and a half long.
  • a king who they thought who was relieving himself.
  • a body swallowing up a sword.
image from here

Any luck pulling this event to mind? You can read about it in Judges 3:15-25. I just remember when I was little being so engrossed in the fact that this king's body sucked the knife inside of his body. Never did I pay attention to the fact that this knife was a foot and a half long. Wow! Heaven forbid my body would ever be big enough to swallow that knife up!

So not spiritual, but I am amazed how Scripture can be read and taught and we miss little facts about what is going on. Even if we grew up in church, we are far from a Bible expert.

What stories have jumped out at you in a new way recently?

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