Monday, January 30, 2017

Cozy Up With Some Good Books

Abraham and Sarah is a very historically accurate book. Now, I am not a history buff at all, so I like when there is some non historical added in to make a book good. Not happening in this book.Not necessarily a bad thing, just hard for me to get into the book. I tried, but after a few chapters, I just couldn't do it.

I am trying to give myself grace to not finish a book that I am not in love with,so I put this book down.

Thanks to Moody for a copy of this book.


From This Day Forward was a good book. I enjoy this time period and wonder what it would be like to live a more simple but also more demanding life. This book for me was not a book that I couldn't put down, but I did read it all and did enjoy it! 

Thanks to Bethany House for a copy of this book.


Happiness is something that I can struggle with as a stay at home mom of littles. So, when I saw this book, I snatched it up. Randy starts the chapters with a few verses to think about and then gives a few pages of his own thoughts to think about the verses.I am enjoying this book in my pursuit to make my happiness genuine. 

Thanks to Tyndale for a copy of 60 Days of Happiness.


In our Sunday school class at church, we have been going through the life of Jesus, so I was excited about this book.Women were such an important part in the life and ministry of Christ. I want my life to be an important part of Christ's ministry now.

I love how Liz incorporates a lot of Scripture throughout all the chapters of this book.

Thanks to Blogging for Books for a copy of The Women of Easter.


  1. The Women of Easter sounds like a good book and good for you for giving yourself grace not to finish a book you're not particularly in to. :) Thanks for sharing these honest reviews, Lydia! I hope you and your family have a great week!

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