Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cozy Up With Some Good Books

I have to admit that I would be more interested in Infuse: Oil, Spirit, Water if I drank. I don't, but was still intrigued by the book.

I loved all the pictures in the book. Makes me want to infuse water all the time just so that I can have pretty jars full of water! Simple recipes that look like a lot of fun!

I never really thought about the need to muddle, or smash, the fruit when you put it in water. Makes a whole lot of sense to get the flavor out.

One of the infused waters that I thought was interesting has grapefruit, jalapenos, and agave. This mixture sounded interesting to me. Not sure I would be a fan with the jalapenos in the water, but might have to try some grapefruit water.

Thanks to Blogging For Books for a copy of Infuse: Oil, Spirit, Water.

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