Monday, December 1, 2014

December Mortgage Update

Breakdown of Extra Money

I know you are probably thinking, you are missing some money somewhere. This money is just over and above our normal payment. 

  • Change $10.50
  • Ebates $8.29- pays to shop online!


Since our update in November, we have been able to pay off $492 from our principle. Giving us a total of $3,303 for our 2nd year so far. $2,697 to go before next July in order to hit our goal of 6 grand this year. This month was a little slower on the pay off. Part of me has this secret goal to pay off way more than that. That just means, that I need to proactive in making extra money!


  1. Great job, Lydia! Every little bit counts!

  2. Lydia, I'm proud of you for being accountable with this goal. I found listening to Dave and reading boards with others and finding strategies to save helpful when we were starting out. Now we are down to the final 15% of our mortgage just a few short years later. It comes unexpectedly fast sometimes. I will probably try to do a month long series next year and have a "big savings month" but knowing we are just 24 months (per my hopes) to payoff right now is such a good feeling. Hang in there-- these small, faithful contributions will set you ahead.

    Also, I remember years ago reading from Crystal (@ MSM) and Dave to set "big hairy audacious goals" (not weekly or monthly...but like the yearly ones or the 5 year ones...set em bigger than you think you can and you'll surprise yourself). That made a difference. I try to set reasonable daily/monthly/weekly goals and slightly unreasonable annual goals. I always end up doing more than I thought I could (even when I fall short and run less than I thought a could it's more than I could in January for example, does that make sense?)


    1. How awesome that you are that close to paying off your mortgage! 24 months is awesome. Thanks for the encouragement and the example that you have set before us. I am thinking about doing a eat out of the pantry month in January. I will then try to put the grocery money towards our mortgage.

      We do have a goal of being able to go away for an evening once we hit another 5k. I love having a visual to keep us going and to try to get us on track.


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