Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Four Months, Esther!

Weight: Somewhere around 13 pounds
Sleep: You have been doing great at night! You don't like to sleep during the day. Mommy is learning to figure out your different cries and when you are letting me know that you are tired and need to sleep. Cat naps are your thing. 

Social: When you are on the floor, you love to talk. You have definitely got the cooing down this month and it is absolutely adorable. 
I love when I feed you in the middle of the night and put you back to sleep. You have to talk to yourself for about 5 minutes before you can go back to sleep.
Diet: Only breast milk. You have started drinking some from a transition sippy cup. 
Likes: Everything is going in your mouth these days. Who needs toys when your pants have a drawstring!
You love to watch the tv and the fire. This picture was your attempt to watch tv. 
Dislikes: You still don't like the car after dark. We bought you a lantern which has helped some. 
You don't like to cuddle, so those rare moments when you do are precious.
Firsts & Milestones: You rolled from your belly to your back twice. You have to have your arm still under you and a little propped up. Some might not consider it a true roll. You would not roll at all for daddy when he got home. 
You had your first bath without crying at all. 
First Halloween. 

Looking a little sleepy!

You can check out how much Esther has grown since 3 months


  1. She's really growing! I love the drawstring pic!

  2. I love seeing how much she's grown! :) And YAY for a bath without crying!

    1. She almost always cries when she get in the water. After she is in the water, she is great. Kinda crazy!

  3. Lydia,

    What a perfect post for me to stop in and find today! She looks so much like you (you must get that ALL THE TIME!). I love seeing her in a dress and cardigan-- adorable. I bet she is a hit whenever you go out. So glad you are still nourishing her with breast milk-- that reading and prep really paid off for you :)

    Congratulations on great 4 month photos :)


    1. Jenny, I have to give the lactation consultant in the hospital credit for nursing. She was the one who gave me the patience to fight. Took us a week to get anywhere near the hang of things.

      Glad you were able to stop over for a fun post!


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