Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Step by Step Guide to Snap by Groupon

Can I just say that I love saving money on milk and produce? Snap by Groupon will allow me to save money on both of those things. 

Some things I like about the app are that you can use the app at any store, you don't have to verify your purchases other than the receipt, you can use the app on your computer without a smartphone, you can combine with other apps like Ibotta and Checkout51, and you can combine with coupons. 

If you sign up through my link, I will make $1. I would encourage you to sign up through the link and then invite your friends to sign up through your link!

 1. Check out to see what offers are available.

2. Buy the items and click on the snap receipt button. 

3. Take a picture of the receipt.

4. Select offers on the receipt. Some offers you can use more than once. If you look at the picture below, I could have bought several cleaners in order to get more than one offer. I could have gone higher than even the 141.

5. Hit claim and the amount will be added to the account.

Sign up and get started saving money!

I would love if you would pin or share this post! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

This post contains affiliate links. 


  1. I'd never heard of Snap by groupon before you mentioned. I signed up, and I'm looking forward to earning a little money this way. Thanks, Lydia! :)

    1. Sandra, it is a newer app. Not sure how long it has been out. Hope that you are able to save some money! I saved on lettuce the other day. Can't beat that!


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