Monday, October 20, 2014

Goals: Week of October 20th

I really focused this week on getting little projects done. Most of the projects took me less than 30 minutes, but let me tell ya, they felt good to finally get them knocked out. 

Can you believe that October is almost over and there is only 2 months and 5 days until Christmas? Where has this year gone?

Last weeks goals

1. I have a list of little projects that need done. Plus those projects just sitting on my coffee table and dining room table. 

2. Redo ads on blog

3. Find a permanent place for 10 things in the spare bedroom

4. List 5 things on eBay.

This weeks goals

1. Transfer old budget numbers to the new budget.

2. Paint one little patch on our shed.

3. Get garden ready for winter. Our neighbor got us manure. Need to get that spread and some compost taken over. 

4. Make another sleep sack for Miss Esther.

5. Move 10 things from the spare bedroom.

6. Redo ads on blog.

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  1. Great job on your goals last week, Lydia. :) I wish I had sleep sacks for all of my kids when they were babies. I think they would then perhaps have stayed asleep for longer stretches.

    1. I am not sure that Esther has slept longer because of the sleep sack, but I know that she is covered and staying warm. That is a comfort for me! I cut out my sleep sack today and realized I don't have the right size zipper. Probably won't get it finished this week because I am not making a special trip to town to get a zipper!


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