Sunday, August 10, 2014

Happy One Month Birthday, Esther!

Technically the eighth was when Esther turned 1 month!

Weight: You are still weighing in at 9 pounds. 
Sleep: You have been doing great! I love how well you go to sleep at night and after you eat in the middle of the night. 
Social: You love to be held. I heard a few coos out of you this week. Soon we will be hearing more!
Diet: Breast milk. I see most smiles out of you when you are done eating!
Likes: You like to look at lights. You saw a chandelier at church and you just stared at it until you went to sleep. 
You still like to be swaddled. Mommy has learned if you are cranky and I swaddle you, the crankiness stops almost right away.
You love being in your vibrating chair that your Aunt Lori gave you. 
Dislikes: You still hate your baths. Your face always turns bright red from crying.
You still don't like having your diaper changed, but you are doing so much better. Occasionally, you will be nice and quiet for a whole diaper change.  
Firsts & Milestones
You have started grasping onto things. You have quite the grasp especially when you are mad!
You spent the first day away from mommy and daddy. You got your first bottle this day and thankfully ate from the bottle for Grandma. You did a great job of being a content little one for Grandma.
You like to push yourself up with your legs. You are working on strengthening them a lot. 

Here is a flashback to you at one week.

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