Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Esther 3 Weeks

We are just trying to keep things real this week. Esther was crying for the pictures, but I didn't feel like trying to come back to them later. Yes, she has quite the set of lungs and likes to hold her breath when crying!

Weight: You are up to 9 pounds! Daddy and I were just talking tonight how you look so much older. We think that you even look older today than yesterday.

Sleep: You are going through a growth spurt and want to eat lots. Mommy is ok with waking up with you as long as you are eating! One night earlier in the week, you did sleep a whole 5 hours. Mommy was shocked. 
Social: There hasn't been anyone yet that you won't let them hold you. You have gotten to be several people's first baby that they have held.
Diet: Breast milk.
Likes: You like the outside. You also really like your monkey chair that your aunt got you.
Dislikes: You did not like daddy going back to work. You didn't like being at a different house. Those two things together made an unhappy girl.
Firsts & Milestones
You are following voices and movement a little more. 
You are starting to be awake a little more during the day.

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