Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Esther: 2 Weeks

Weight: All the way up to 8 pounds. You have also grown half an inch in length. You are in the 50th percentile for weight and height
Sleep: Swaddle you up and you are good to go. You have blessed us with being a great sleeper. 
Social: You are focusing more on mommy and daddy. 

Diet: Breastmilk all the way.
Likes: You love being outside. I think that you really just like being warm. Outside in the heat or swaddled inside are when you are most content.
Dislikes: You don't like going to the doctor and getting poked. You also don't like to be hungry. 
Firsts & Milestones
You are now as your grandma would say a traceable American citizen. You got your social security card in the mail. We were surprised that your social started with a 1. 
You have started focusing more this week. If we are close to you, you stare right back at us. 

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