Monday, March 17, 2014

Goals: Week of March 17th

You know how they say that opposites attract? Well, that is my husband and I when it comes to procrastinating. He took an exam yesterday on the first day the exam opened, even though he had a whole week to take the exam. Me, I wanted til today to wash my walls. The only reason I washed them is because I didn't want to not mark it off on my list for the second week in a row. Think he will rub off on me?!!

Last weeks goals 

1. Ride bike for 10 minutes a day for 3 days- I did 2 days. 

2. Wash down walls in nursery- only took me about 20 minutes. So why did I put if off for 2 weeks?

3. Do a good cleaning of the house.- just don't come over with your white gloves on!

This weeks goals 

1. Ride bike for 10 minutes a day for 3 days

2. Make curtains for our living room. We have old people drapes that we have lived with since we moved in. Yikes!

3. Start a twirl skirt pattern. Come up with the pattern for 1yr olds. My sleep sack pattern has done well on etsy and I want to see if adding another pattern will do well. 


Make sure you stop over to see our little one and the progress the baby and I are making! 

Now to not procrastinate. Going to go ride the bike for 10 minutes while I read a good book!

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