Sunday, February 16, 2014

Recipe: White Hot Chocolate

I was first introduced to this recipe for white hot chocolate a few years ago. A friend of mine really liked the recipe and asked if I would share with her. I did. From then on, whenever I would make white hot chocolate, I would have to text this friend for the recipe.

After a few times of texting her, I decided I needed to do a blog post about the recipe so that I didn't have to bug her every time for a recipe that had come from me. Yes, I use my blog sometimes as a recipe binder!

Well, one year later after visiting the draft to the recipe a few times, I am finally doing a post.

I love this white hot chocolate, but man is it rich. I would suggest making some with the idea to share.

2 c. heavy whipping cream
6 c. whole milk
1t. vanilla extract
12 oz. white chocolate

Warm cream and milk till bubbling not boiling. Pour over white chocolate and add vanilla. I usually make mine in the crock pot so it stays warm.

I made a batch of this before church this morning to take to my Sunday school girls. I love teaching these girls. They are the highlight to my Sunday. Great group of girls that I can't wait to see where God ends up using them.

They loved the white hot chocolate!

Linked to Romance on a Dime.


  1. Oh the only thing I would love more than regular hot chocolate is WHITE hot chocolate! How long do you heat it up on the crock pot? I bet its the perfect thing to have on hand for snow days. We don't get many normally here in NC but we have had 7 so far this winter!!

    Thanks for sharing on my Small Victories Sunday linky. I will be sharing on my Small Victories Sunday Awesomeness board on pinterest and across social media this week. Hope you come back to link up next week and found some new great bloggers to follow!

    1. If you get your milk warm, it doesn't need to be in the crock pot for too long. Just until the white chocolate melts! Hope you enjoy drinking it!

  2. They sure do look like they're enjoying it! And good for you for pouring into them. :)

    Pinning your recipe!

    1. Thanks for the pin, Sandra!

      Unfortunately, I gave up teaching these girls when I had Esther. They are some awesome girls though!


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