Monday, January 13, 2014

O Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say

The other day, I was reminded how much our words can be very harmful. Something small that we say without thinking can have great affect. And let's face it, not always for good.

I can't help but think of this song. Psalty brings back some memories. Anyone else out there watch Psalty? This version doesn't have the verse about being careful what your mouth says, but if you are curious search youtube, that verse is out there.

What got me thinking about my words? I was talking to a friend today whose little guy has had growths under his eye and has had some surgeries to remove them. If you didn't know the boy, he does look like he could have gotten hit or ran into something.

The mom was telling me that she has had several people tell her that she needs to watch out for her little one better. People have also gone to the extreme of getting in her face and telling her that her husband needs to start beating the little guy. This person was a complete stranger. Yikes.

She said she has gotten good at putting these people in their place and letting them know that her little guy has recently had surgery and that is why he looks like he does.

What are my words doing to others? I had to think am I completely innocent of always watching what comes out of my mouth? Unfortunately, I have to say, no.

I need to keep in check what my mouth says, which means I need to start keeping in check what my mind thinks. 

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